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All kinds of silver beads, silver tube beads, toggle beads, silver clasps, caps beads, seamless beads, alphabet silver beads are available in wholesale. We also supply Gold plated beads and Gold beads.

Silver accessories in wholesale


All kinds of silver jewelry, silver bracelet, silver necklace, silver pendants, silver earrings, silver buckles, silver chains, silver arm bands and other 925 silver jewelry is available in wholesale.

Silver Jewelry in wholesale



All kinds of beaded jewelry fitted with various semi-precious gemstones  beads and silver beads. Mixture of gemstones beads and silver metal beads produces amazing range of Beaded Jewelry.

Kirti Impex deals in and exports silver articles and accessories all over the world. Take it All kind of beads like Silver Beads, bali Beads, Caps Beads, , Seamless Beads, Alphabet Beads, Diamond Cut Beads, Stone Beads, Multiple Hole Beads, Tube Beads or clasps like Toggle Clasp, Clasps Beads or beads in golden color like Gold Beads, Gold Plated Beads and Silver Jewellery like Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Chains, Bracelets, Arm Bands, Key Chains, Buckles etc. we are providing wholesale prices on these products. We also supply high quality Beaded Jewelry.